Sunday, March 14, 2010

Porter's Goodnight Song

As I was rocking Porter in his chair tonight before bed, I was humming "Reverently, Quietly" and he started singing along. This is his version of the song:

Grannyyyyyyyyy and Grandpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, caaaaaaaar, waaaaall, go bye bye in mommy's caaaaaaaaar, go bye bye in mommy's caaaaaaaaaaaar. Milk all goooooooooone, Milk all goooooooooooooone. Daddyyyyyyyy. Doggieeeeeeeeeeee. Poooooooopy. Diiiiiiiiaper chaaaange. Waaaaaall.

It was so hard not to bust up laughing! At least he seems to have a love for singing.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you use coupons?


People often take photos of the good deals they have scored and post them on their blogs. I've never done this before, but after the haul I came home with this week, I couldn't help it! I was so excited!

The retail value of everything shown in the photo above is over $160.00, and what do you think I paid???... (drum roll, please)...


How BOMB is that???

This was a combo of Walgreens, Safeway, King Soopers, and Target. It was so much fun! Using coupons and saving my family big bucks has become a huge hobby for me, because it's so fun and addicting! I love doing it!

SO...get a Sunday paper and start saving!!!
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