Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Months Old

I am a little late getting this post up, but our little beluga turned ten months old a few days ago! We have pretty much decided that he is the greatest and most awesome thing to ever exist. It's true.

Porter has been doing so many cute and wonderful things. Here are a few...
Giving high fives. Craig taught him this, and he is so proud!
Cruising around the room like a maniac. He can go the whole perimiter of the room holding on to furniture, toys, whatever it takes.
Giving awesome hugs and delicious wet kisses.
Saying lots of different things. His latest and greatest is "ligga, ligga, ligga." Sometimes we giggle when he talks. Good stuff.
Clicking his tongue. He thinks it's awesome when you do it back.
Being awesome.
Not having a cold in a few months. Yesssssss.
Standing at the gate and crying when people leave. Awww.
Going to bed without Mommy (twice). I nurse him around 6:30 pm, and then when Craig puts him to bed he gives him a cup of rice milk and rocks him. In the bed he goes, and within a minute or two (literally)...voila! Sleeping boy!
Singing! Whenever we sing to him he will try to sing along (aaaaaah, uuuuuuuh) and he also does it when he plays his piano or xylophone. We think he will be very musical!
Rolling balls and cars. We practice rolling the ball and it is so funny. He will basically use one hand to roll it back and forth until it breaks loose. He's kind of a spaz when he does it, and he gets so proud when it launches.
Loving bigger kids. This has been going on for a while, but older kids make him laugh so hard! We try to strategically sit near a family with older children at church so they will entertain him. :)
Drooling like a madman. Not awesome, but bearable.
Hating the diaper change. Ugh. Stresses me out just thinking about it. Oh, and the fingernails being clipped, too. Such fun!
Loving his new sippy cup with a straw. Why didn't we get him one of these sooner?!
Our new bedtime game. Before his bath, we strip him down and let him crawl around naked. We get on the floor with him and play "chase". We hide behind the furniture in his room and jump out and bang on the floor. He laughs SO HARD. This is easily his favorite part of the day, and mine, too! We have a video that I love, but he is neked as a jaybird, so you don't get to see it on the world wide web! Sorry!
Getting on a schedule! A schedule, you say? Yes, a schedule! Our little non-napper has become a bit more predictable! And just because I will want to know someday what he was doing at ten months:
Wakes up between 6:30 and 7 am. Nurses.
Breakfast at 8:30.
Nap between 10:00 and 11 or 11:15. Nurses.
Lunch at 12:30.
Nap between 2:00 and 3:15 ish. Nurses.
Dinner at 5:30.
Bath at 7:00 ish.
Nurse and night night around 7:30-8:00 pm.
AND he sleeps through the night! And we start all over the next morning! Woo hoo! I love it!

He also got his second haircut recently, which I wasn't nearly as impressed with as the first. He had to sit in my lap this time, and he didn't love it.

He still loves the bath, too! Yum...Aveeno!

We love you every second, little noonie! You are the best ever!

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Here comes Porter Cottontail

Happy First Easter, Porter Davis!

We had such a fun day on Sunday. We started the morning by finding Porter's Easter basket in the middle of the livingroom surrounded by eggs (thank you, Mr. Easter Bunny for not making it too hard for him to find!). It took him a minute to realize the glory thereof, but he caught on pretty quickly and started tearing it apart! He got books, a cool squishy ball, a Hot Wheels car, and a tie just like Daddy got in his basket! He loved his goodies, but he REALLY loved Mommy and Daddy's baskets! Ours had shiny candy that he loved putting in his mouth. He also loved the Easter grass in the bottom. It was everywhere!

Here he is delicately trying to open a peanut butter egg. Sorry, buddy! Not just yet!

Like I said, he really loved our baskets more than his own. In fact. He has been playing with an unopened package of Peeps all week. Quality toy.

Here is the handsome man all ready for church.

Cutest little bunny around!
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Easter Party

Porter attended his very first Easter party with all of his friends on Easter Sunday. I hear there were 27 kids, 40 adults, and 387 eggs to be found!

"What do I do again, Daddy?"

Porter loved crawling all through the grass! He found lots of eggs!

All of his playgroup buddies!

Handsome guy!

We had such a wonderful Easter day! After the party, we visited the Neidhardt's and had a wonderful and much-needed visit. After that we headed to delicious dinner at the Franklin's home. Yum! Thanks, everyone, for a fun day with some of our closest friends!

We are so thankful for the Easter holiday and the real meaning behind the celeration: our brother and Savior, Jesus Christ, and his infinite and immeasurable atonement for us. Happy Easter!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here is a video of Porter waving bye-bye from a couple of weeks ago.

More favorites

Like mother, like son!

Getting ready for the first swim of the season in his very own pool! Check out that pineapple bathing suit (that may or may not have been a tad big)!

Didn't love it. Didn't hate it. Perhaps he was offended by the giant hot pink ring around the top of his little man-pool?

He loved the singing during General Conference. So cute.
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Some Favorites

Did I marry a hot guy, or what?!

Porter and his bestie Elliotte looking at the "quack-quacks" in our "backyard".

Aww. We love when they visit us!

Self portrait!
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Hard to Choose

How can I possibly choose my favorite pictures of this baby?! Guess you'll just have to see a bunch!

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A busy mom's excitement in life

I know I have been a giant slack-master when it comes to blogging as of late, so I will do my best to give updates on a few of the things we've been up to, or at the very least post some cute pictures of Porter... because, let's face it, that's what you people are really here looking for, isn't it!?

Well, I wanted to share a couple of things that have brought excitement into my little mommy-world as of late. One of them is the Jacksonville Farmer's Market. Holy Cow! I went a couple of weekends ago with my good friend Heather and her sweet mom and we had a blast. I can't believe how CHEAP all of their fruits and veggies were! And the selection was amazing...they had every fruit and veggie you could imagine! We had a great time and saved a load of money...can't wait to go back!

Here is my loot! I got ALL of this for $14.10. Jealous? It made 2 strawberry pies (and I still gave 2 pints away), 2 complete meals of veggies to surround roasted chicken, yummy broiled green beans, fried squash, zucchini and onions, 3 avocado lunches and a bunch of blueberries for Porter, and Craig's favorite...fresh pineapple. Yum!

Another thing I found immense joy in lately was organizing my pantry. It really needed it, so one night after I put Porter to bed I dove in. I love opening the door to find organized shelves! It's like a breath of fresh air when I go to throw something in the garbage can now, instead of a giant avalanche!



Perty, huh? Although it looks like we have a lot less food now. Hmph.

Another thing I have really been enjoying lately is clipping coupons and saving a boat-load on my groceries, etc. Craig and I actually discussed not too long ago that I didn't really have a hobby. Well, I have one now, and it has been loads of fun! My friend Heather and I have been teaming up and going out once a week to get our steals and we have so much fun! It has given me something to work on when I need to relax, and has also been a huge benefit to our family, especially in such a rough time. Besides, who wouldn't love getting out once a week to go shopping for great deals with a girlfriend?! I think I picked a good hobby!

Isn't my life exciting and newsworthy?! I love it :)
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