Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watermelon Baby

On Monday, Memorial Day, we decided to pack up and head for the beach! Porter had visited the beach a couple of times, but hadn't had a "real" trip where he could play in the sand and waves. Really, the whole reason that I wanted to go (not being a beach person AT ALL) was so that I could capture the photo cute baby eating waterlemon on the beach! When all was said and done, I have over 150 pictures of this cute boy and his watermelon (and some of the rest of the fun as well!)

He loved it! He had three pieces of watermelon while we were there, and had a blast playing in the sand!

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I love the beach!

It was a gorgeous day, nice and sunny! There were TONS of people there!
Daddy built him quite the sandcastle. Here is Porter helping out.

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The one thing he didn't care for was the water. He actually cried, which I have a picture of, but it was too sad to post. It was super cold, so we think that's why he wasn't fond. Here he is down by the waves with Daddy.
A rare picture of Mommy on the beach, fully clothed, of course! Why did I spend so long deciding which bathing suit to wear?!
Doesn't Elliotte look super cute in her swimsuit!? She had a blast, too!

He was SO tired in the car on the way home. I decided to sit in the back with him to see if I could keep him from falling asleep in the car. He was so sweet and sleepy! What a charming boy, and a fun day!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

11 Months old

Now that Porter is almost as close to one as he is 11 months, I'd better get this post up here...
Our sweet boy turned 11 months on May 10th, my first Mother's Day!
Believe it or not, he continues to grow cuter, sweeter, and smarter every day!

Here are some things our noonie has been up to in the last little while:
Talking - The child is booming with words. It's actually a little crazy. His pediatrician thinks he's a genius and she shows him off to the other doctors and nurses at the office! Some of his latest include kitty, turtle (tuh-too!), bubble, nose (and he points to my mouth...we're working on that), and if I ask him what a doggie says he says woof, woof! If I ask him what a sheep says, he will usually say baa, baa. (sometimes woof, woof though!) The other day I asked him what sheep says and he said buboo! (bubble). He also says nummy, nummy when it's time to eat. He is such a chatterbox and we love it! Now, please be aware that I am not one of those crazy moms who thinks her kid can actually say stuff that he can't. His words are still very primitave and only a few of them are perfectly formed, but he recognizes things and calls them the same thing every time, and we understand what he is we think he is a smartie-pants :)
Taking steps - He loves to "walk" to us from the ottoman especially. He will let go and take a step or two, usually lunging forward and crashing in our cute! He is getting really steady on his feet and can stoop down to pick things up, too. He's not ready to take off on his own yet, though, and Mommy is totally okay with that!
Dancing - He does the cute-baby-bob up and down when he hears a good tune.
Cuddling - Lucky for me, Porter is a little snuggle bug! He loves to cuddle with us! If I ask for a snuggle, he will stop what he's doing and come give me a squeeze. How sweet is that?!
Kissing - Oh my, does he love to kiss. He will seriously attack you, and you will have to bust out the Brawny after he is done with your face. Awesome. He will also kiss his toys or animals is you ask him to. What a loverboy!
Un-Gently Touching- Okay, so this one's not so good... some may call it hitting, but he never hits when he is upset, so sometimes I wonder if he is just touching and doesn't know how to be gentle, but it's a whack nonetheless. Unfortunately he likes to un-gently touch Jackson's head a lot. And my face. Those are his two favorite...good times.
Eating new foods - He loves tofu tossed in crunched up whole wheat Ritz crackers, and he has a new love for grapes. This morning when he was playing in the fridge (which he does a LOT) he opened the bottom drawer, plucked off a grape and popped it in his mouth. Of course I flipped out, not wanting him to choke on it, so I tried my darndest to get it out of his mouth. He had the death grip on that thing. The moment I realized I couldn't get it out was the same moment I realized he chewed it up and it was 3/4 gone...crisis averted. I will definitely remember to zip the grape bag closed from now on....guess he knows what he likes! He also loves pasta with sauce, which is a new one for us. I hadn't been able to eat tomatoes since he was born because they gave him a horrible diaper rash, but lately that isn't that case (yay!). I was reluctant to give him anything with spaghetti sauce, but we tried it and he LOVED it! His little tummy did great, so I am happy to be able to add another food he loves to the list of dinner possibilities.

I can't believe how fast he is growing and how much he is learning. Will he REALLY be one in a few weeks?!?

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My sweet Porter,

Today and always, I want you to know just how much I love you. I am so blessed, not just to be a mommy, but to be your mommy. Ever since I can remember, all I wanted was to grow up and have babies of my own. I never imagined the joy that becoming a mother would bring into my life! You are the very special little person who made my dream of becoming a mommy come true. You are the sweet little boy who made me a mommy! 

Having you as my son has been infinitely more rewarding than I ever imagined it could be. With every day that passes, I fall more and more in love with you. I never thought I could be so obsessed with a smile, a cuddle, a sound that comes out of your mouth. When you accomplish something new, my heart leaps with pride. I know that I will always feel that way about the things that you accomplish. 

The last eleven months have been, by far, the greatest of my life. I know your Daddy would say the same. We have become a perfect little family. At night, your Daddy and I always sit and talk about how much we love you, how perfect you are, how we couldn't imagine our lives without you, how we would never go back to life before you were born. We point out your features to each other all day long. "Look at his perfect lips, honey." "Did you hear him say doggie?" "He is the smartest boy ever!"

We pray to our Father in Heaven every night and thank Him for sending you to our family. You fit perfectly. You belong here, and I hope you always feel that way. 

I honestly feel like no other mother has loved her son as much as I love you. I look forward with great anticipation at the years to come, where Daddy and I can watch you grow and learn and  accomplish your own dreams. 

Thank you, my sweet boy, for making my dreams come true. 

With Eternal Love, 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Noonie Woods and The PLAYERS Championship

Yesterday, Craig came home with the best 5 dollar gift Porter has ever received... his own golf clubs! It was pretty astonishing to see how he immediately knew what to do with them. He LOVES them! Think he may have seen Daddy play golf in the livingroom??? Craig likes to call him "Noonie Woods" now. I guess time will tell!

This video was taken when Craig first gave him his new clubs yesterday...a hole in one!

Tonight we took our little golfer to The PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra. It was such a lovely evening! The weather was perfect. The sun was hiding behind a few puffy clouds and there was a gorgeous cool breeze. We got there just in time to see Phil Mickelson tee off on the famous 17th hole and then we followed him to finish off the 18th. It was fun being so close to a celebrity! Then we found a cozy spot on the side of a hill with a perfect view back at the 17th and we took off our shoes and got comfortable. Porter crawled around in the grass while we watched the last few groups play through. We also saw beautiful wildlife, including a family of hawks in a giant nest, and a family of egrets feeding their noisy little ones. My favorite part of the night was when Porter would clap every time the crowd would! He loved it! It was a perfect night...except there were no cameras allowed...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New words

Porter has been saying so many words! It has been so fun seeing what he will try to repeat, and how quickly he is learning. He is super chatty just like his Mommy!

Here are the words Porter can say or repeat:
Mama (working on Mommy)
meow ("ow")
no (unfortunately)
and his absolute favorite...DOGGIE!

He says doggie at least 100 times a day! He calls all animals doggies...cats, squirrels, lions, even a random egret!

He is also working on water and baby. We are also trying to teach him to actually say bye-bye instead of just waving.

We took him to the pediatrician yesterday and she is very impressed with how many things he can say, even though, of course, he wouldn't say a peep for her! She says that by the age of one, most babies can say mama, dada, and maybe one other word. Go Porter!

Here are a couple videos of him talking:

In this video he is saying meow (OW!) to my mom's big cat. He kept calling him a doggie, and since he can't say cat or kitty, meow it is!

Here is one where he says doggie!

Granny and Grandpa's Visit

A few weekends ago we were blessed to have Craig's parents come visit! We had such a great time with them, but I came away disappointed that we didn't get more pictures! On Friday, Craig and Dad played golf while Mom, Porter and I shopped. Granny picked up this awesome new sink for the little man! It has a working pump and Porter LOVES it! Even though Mommy doesn't have water in it all the time, he still thinks it is way cool and loves to play there. Thank you, Granny!

On Saturday we headed down to St. Augustine to walk around St. George Street and have lunch. It was a beautiful day, and even though I have been there many times, there is always something new to see and enjoy! It was Craig's parents' first time, and they really enjoyed it as well. We ate lunch at a yummy restaurant called Harry's, and I do believe my creole pasta dish was the most delicious, but everyone loved their meals. Porter especially loved the bread! He also swiped his first french fry right off Granny's plate and into his mouth with one swoop. He deserved it after such an effort!

Granny took Porter on his very first carousel ride and he was all smiles...that is, until the ride started! He didn't cry, but he got very serious and we don't think he enjoyed it all that much. This picture is before it started. :)

Granny and her boy enjoying the view in our backyard. Those two love to be outside...he must get it from his Granny!

On Sunday we traveled down to Orlando to visit Mom's cousin Joan and her husband Bruce who were visiting the U.S. from South Africa. We had such a lovely visit, and Porter loved bouncing on Bruce's leg! It has been a favorite activity around here since then! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures there...what was I thinking?!

We really enjoyed our time with Granny and Grandpa, we just wish it could have been for longer. Come visit us again soon! We love you so much!
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