Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Granny and Grandpa's Visit

A few weekends ago we were blessed to have Craig's parents come visit! We had such a great time with them, but I came away disappointed that we didn't get more pictures! On Friday, Craig and Dad played golf while Mom, Porter and I shopped. Granny picked up this awesome new sink for the little man! It has a working pump and Porter LOVES it! Even though Mommy doesn't have water in it all the time, he still thinks it is way cool and loves to play there. Thank you, Granny!

On Saturday we headed down to St. Augustine to walk around St. George Street and have lunch. It was a beautiful day, and even though I have been there many times, there is always something new to see and enjoy! It was Craig's parents' first time, and they really enjoyed it as well. We ate lunch at a yummy restaurant called Harry's, and I do believe my creole pasta dish was the most delicious, but everyone loved their meals. Porter especially loved the bread! He also swiped his first french fry right off Granny's plate and into his mouth with one swoop. He deserved it after such an effort!

Granny took Porter on his very first carousel ride and he was all smiles...that is, until the ride started! He didn't cry, but he got very serious and we don't think he enjoyed it all that much. This picture is before it started. :)

Granny and her boy enjoying the view in our backyard. Those two love to be outside...he must get it from his Granny!

On Sunday we traveled down to Orlando to visit Mom's cousin Joan and her husband Bruce who were visiting the U.S. from South Africa. We had such a lovely visit, and Porter loved bouncing on Bruce's leg! It has been a favorite activity around here since then! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures there...what was I thinking?!

We really enjoyed our time with Granny and Grandpa, we just wish it could have been for longer. Come visit us again soon! We love you so much!
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Barb said...

Careful what you wish for - we are back on June 6th!!

We had a wonderful time with you and like you, just wish it could have been longer. Thanks so much for a perfect visit.

Love and miss you all.

Shannon said...

He's got Craig's naughty face in that pic with the sink. We can't wait to see him again!!!

The Miller Family said...

He's so cute with that sink! Speaking of, do you know where she got that from? We've been looking for some type of water play type thing, and that looks so cool!