Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New words

Porter has been saying so many words! It has been so fun seeing what he will try to repeat, and how quickly he is learning. He is super chatty just like his Mommy!

Here are the words Porter can say or repeat:
Mama (working on Mommy)
meow ("ow")
no (unfortunately)
and his absolute favorite...DOGGIE!

He says doggie at least 100 times a day! He calls all animals doggies...cats, squirrels, lions, even a random egret!

He is also working on water and baby. We are also trying to teach him to actually say bye-bye instead of just waving.

We took him to the pediatrician yesterday and she is very impressed with how many things he can say, even though, of course, he wouldn't say a peep for her! She says that by the age of one, most babies can say mama, dada, and maybe one other word. Go Porter!

Here are a couple videos of him talking:

In this video he is saying meow (OW!) to my mom's big cat. He kept calling him a doggie, and since he can't say cat or kitty, meow it is!

Here is one where he says doggie!


Knouse Family blog said...

I have found your blog! It's great! your voice sounds like me, how did that happen?

Shane, Janell and Jilli said...

those are soooo freakin cute!!!!! jilli says dog but she wont say doggie.

bnmwhitney said...

Ok that is too much! I love when he talks to me on the phone too. He is so fun man. I hope I get to see him soon. Kisses to all.

Aunt Tori

Will said...

AWESOME! I love how he scratches himself midway through the video - That's my dawg!!

Will said...

Okay so I just watched this again and it makes me laugh out loud! I love it - he gets so dang excited!Thanks for posting it friend!