Sunday, May 10, 2009

My sweet Porter,

Today and always, I want you to know just how much I love you. I am so blessed, not just to be a mommy, but to be your mommy. Ever since I can remember, all I wanted was to grow up and have babies of my own. I never imagined the joy that becoming a mother would bring into my life! You are the very special little person who made my dream of becoming a mommy come true. You are the sweet little boy who made me a mommy! 

Having you as my son has been infinitely more rewarding than I ever imagined it could be. With every day that passes, I fall more and more in love with you. I never thought I could be so obsessed with a smile, a cuddle, a sound that comes out of your mouth. When you accomplish something new, my heart leaps with pride. I know that I will always feel that way about the things that you accomplish. 

The last eleven months have been, by far, the greatest of my life. I know your Daddy would say the same. We have become a perfect little family. At night, your Daddy and I always sit and talk about how much we love you, how perfect you are, how we couldn't imagine our lives without you, how we would never go back to life before you were born. We point out your features to each other all day long. "Look at his perfect lips, honey." "Did you hear him say doggie?" "He is the smartest boy ever!"

We pray to our Father in Heaven every night and thank Him for sending you to our family. You fit perfectly. You belong here, and I hope you always feel that way. 

I honestly feel like no other mother has loved her son as much as I love you. I look forward with great anticipation at the years to come, where Daddy and I can watch you grow and learn and  accomplish your own dreams. 

Thank you, my sweet boy, for making my dreams come true. 

With Eternal Love, 


Will said...

So sweet- I hope you save this so he can read it someday.
Aunt K

Shane, Janell and Jilli said...

i think the same thing about how much i love my Jilli. im sure every mother does about their children. thanks for sharing how you feel about your little one! love you!

BettyBee said...

What a sweet Mother's Day letter, and as your Mom, I can promise you that your feelings will only get deeper and more tender as you see your child grow, and become all that he, or she, can be. I know....
With all my love,

bnmwhitney said...

Well that is a tearjerker. I am so very happy that you got to have the blessing of have a child. Hang on for the ride!



Coates Family said...

That was so sweet! I hope that every mother feels the same way that you do...that no child could ever be more loved than theirs. Stuff like that makes the world a better place.
Love you.

Mrs. Blimes said...

you had me tearing up reading this gal. its amazing how much you can love someone isnt it?

Sarah said...

You are a wonderful Mom! It is amazing how these tiny little beings come into our lives and we are never, ever the same again. There truly is nothing that compares to the love a mother has for her child. The best part is that just when you think there is no way you could love them anymore than you already do, your heart expands again.