Thursday, May 28, 2009

The one thing he didn't care for was the water. He actually cried, which I have a picture of, but it was too sad to post. It was super cold, so we think that's why he wasn't fond. Here he is down by the waves with Daddy.
A rare picture of Mommy on the beach, fully clothed, of course! Why did I spend so long deciding which bathing suit to wear?!
Doesn't Elliotte look super cute in her swimsuit!? She had a blast, too!

He was SO tired in the car on the way home. I decided to sit in the back with him to see if I could keep him from falling asleep in the car. He was so sweet and sleepy! What a charming boy, and a fun day!

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Jessica said...

Cute, cute boy. Why do you dislike the beach? You use to love it in our college days. I need to take Kellen to the beach during our next trip to Florida. He's never been....I know sad.

The Steinhours said...

I love the watermelon pictures! So cute! And kids LOVE the beach so you might have to suck it up and go more often.