Friday, September 17, 2010


Craig and I are so happy to announce that we will be adding another sweet little one to our family!

I am due March 30th, so I am a little over 12 weeks along. I am feeling great and enjoying the pregnancy so far! My doctors/midwife are AMAZING...a much different situation than in Jacksonville and I couldn't be happier with them! We had our 3rd ultrasound this morning and everything looks really great with the baby. The ultrasound tech tried really hard to give us a guess on the gender, but it's just too early (which we all knew :) We are just so excited that our little one looks really healthy!

Porter is very excited and talks about the baby a lot! He says the baby will "grow bigger and bigger and then come out!" He and Craig both insist the baby is a girl, but I have other feelings :) I even asked Porter what we should call the baby and he said "Cinderella!" It doesn't matter to me...I just want to know!

Here are a few pictures and a sweet video of our little one! It was moving around SO MUCH that she could hardly take measurements this morning :)

We are so thrilled and excited to bring another sweet little person into our family! We are so thankful for such an amazing blessing!