Friday, September 17, 2010


Craig and I are so happy to announce that we will be adding another sweet little one to our family!

I am due March 30th, so I am a little over 12 weeks along. I am feeling great and enjoying the pregnancy so far! My doctors/midwife are AMAZING...a much different situation than in Jacksonville and I couldn't be happier with them! We had our 3rd ultrasound this morning and everything looks really great with the baby. The ultrasound tech tried really hard to give us a guess on the gender, but it's just too early (which we all knew :) We are just so excited that our little one looks really healthy!

Porter is very excited and talks about the baby a lot! He says the baby will "grow bigger and bigger and then come out!" He and Craig both insist the baby is a girl, but I have other feelings :) I even asked Porter what we should call the baby and he said "Cinderella!" It doesn't matter to me...I just want to know!

Here are a few pictures and a sweet video of our little one! It was moving around SO MUCH that she could hardly take measurements this morning :)

We are so thrilled and excited to bring another sweet little person into our family! We are so thankful for such an amazing blessing!


Brett said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Jenn said...

Congrats! What fun it will be!!

Braden and Julie Reynolds said...

Wahoo!!!!! Congrats, hope everything keeps going great!

Chrinny said...


Jodi said...

Oh, I am just so excited for you! Glad to hear that you are feeling well! Congrats again!!! Can't wait to hear boy or girl.

Vivid Vinyl said...

You sneaky snake. I knew #2 was coming! Congrats! I can't wait to find out.

Mrs. Blimes said...

I am so happy for you B! You are a wonderful mommy and you should totes have like a bajillion babies! LOL

Melissa said...

So exciting - congratulations!!

Jessica said...

Yeah for babies! Keep us updated esp. when you find out what the sex is.

P.S. You need to move to Franklin!

galbraithfam said...

Seriously the cutest pics and video!! Time sure flies when it isn't you being prego--12 weeks already!?! We need to get together soon--seriously--I'll call you ASAP!

Haylee said...

Congratulations Craig & Barbie! The more I see Braden growing up, the more I want another bundle... Hopefully we'll join you soon!

Andrea and Zach said...

Congrats! So, what are you having? We need an update! We find out the sex of our unborn tomorrow-I'm so excited for us:0)

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