Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Girl Update!

I know it has been FOREVER since I have updated the blog... I have a couple (lame) excuses. One, I am pregnant, and I can get away with it...right??? Two, I have lost my camera cord!!! SO SAD! I really don't believe in blogging unless you have a picture to share, so for this much-needed update I included a photo of Porter on the very day we found out he would be a big brother, July 16th, 2010! He wore this shirt and surprised his Daddy when he got home from work! I always thought it was so cheesy to do the big brother/sister shirt for announcing a pregnancy, but once you have your first, it is super exciting that they will be a "big"! I couldn't help myself :) It is crazy to me that SO much time has passed since this photo was taken, and all of the excitement of having a new baby was buzzing! Now, we only have 10 days until my due date!

As for little sister, she is doing really well! I have enjoyed this pregnancy MUCH more than my pregnancy with Porter for lots of reasons. I still feel pretty good and I only complain at night when I am sore from the day...right, babe??? ;)

Here are some reasons this time has been more pleasant:
~I have gained HALF of what I gained with Porter. 60 lbs with him, 29 with this one, and my goal weight gain was 35 lbs...I am proud of this!
~I feel MUCH better than I did with him, probably because of this lesser me at 9 months.
~I have clothes that fit me...I borrowed lots of maternity clothes with Porter, and I actually bought more of my own this time that fit right, so I have lots of comfy clothes that still fit, and I don't stand in the closet and cry that I have nothing to wear like I did with him...wah.
~I am not working this time around, so I can stay in my jammies or sweats all day if I want to :)
~I have learned to control my heartburn better this time, even though it is JUST as bad as with the boy. Hopefully she will have hair like he did :)
~It is cool here, NOT like Florida in June when P was born. I will never, never, never do that again. Swell city.
~Speaking of swelling, my wedding rings still fit me, when with P I outgrew my rings AND the 'fat ring' I wore towards the end.
~Doctors and a midwife who actually give a rats about what I want! What a feeling!!! Love them all.
~a VBAC!!! I am really, really hoping and praying not to have a cesarian this time around. My midwife and doctors are WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE and I am looking forward to the birth experience I have always longed for!

Things about this pregnancy that are worse:
~NEW stretch marks. How rude is that?!? Half the size and NEW stretch marks??? Totally and completely not fair. Hiss.
~The low/no sugar carb diet that has helped me not be as much of a heifer. Not fun, but worth it. I only started at 28 weeks, so don't feel too bad. But feel a little bad.
~Stressing about my birth experience. With Porter, I blissfully thought I would have the experience I wanted which was shattered at 37 weeks when I was told I had to have a cesarian (booooooooo to you, North Florida OB/GYN!)...this time around I have been optimistic about having a VBAC, but hoping and not knowing has been a little stressful. Better than being told what to do, though!
~Not having a super simple time choosing a name, like we did with Porter. We do have a name now, though (I think)! It will be a big surprise to lots of people on the day she is born! :)

I am so super excited to meet our little girl! It doesn't seem like it's right around the corner, but it is! I have lots to do to keep myself busy and I hope I can finish it all before she arrives! I am excited, too, at the thought of going into labor and driving to the hospital in excruciating pain...okay, maybe not so much that part, but the excitement of the unknown is really fun. I am also really happy that my Mommy will be coming out to visit us on the 29th! It's a little weird not knowing if she will be here for the birth or not (I'm due the 30th), but I am almost as excited for her arrival as the baby's!

I am also REALLY looking forward to seeing Porter as a big brother. He is such a wonderful and sweet boy. It will be so fun to see him in such a new and wonderful role. He is really excited about her arrival and he talks about her ALL the time. I can't wait to get a photo of my TWO babies together!!! What a blessing!!!

We will keep you updated on baby girl's arrival! I think I will bite the bullet and buy a new camera cord tomorrow, so I will have more motivation to update, but the news will definitely be posted :)

Can't wait to meet you, little girl!