Saturday, May 23, 2009

11 Months old

Now that Porter is almost as close to one as he is 11 months, I'd better get this post up here...
Our sweet boy turned 11 months on May 10th, my first Mother's Day!
Believe it or not, he continues to grow cuter, sweeter, and smarter every day!

Here are some things our noonie has been up to in the last little while:
Talking - The child is booming with words. It's actually a little crazy. His pediatrician thinks he's a genius and she shows him off to the other doctors and nurses at the office! Some of his latest include kitty, turtle (tuh-too!), bubble, nose (and he points to my mouth...we're working on that), and if I ask him what a doggie says he says woof, woof! If I ask him what a sheep says, he will usually say baa, baa. (sometimes woof, woof though!) The other day I asked him what sheep says and he said buboo! (bubble). He also says nummy, nummy when it's time to eat. He is such a chatterbox and we love it! Now, please be aware that I am not one of those crazy moms who thinks her kid can actually say stuff that he can't. His words are still very primitave and only a few of them are perfectly formed, but he recognizes things and calls them the same thing every time, and we understand what he is we think he is a smartie-pants :)
Taking steps - He loves to "walk" to us from the ottoman especially. He will let go and take a step or two, usually lunging forward and crashing in our cute! He is getting really steady on his feet and can stoop down to pick things up, too. He's not ready to take off on his own yet, though, and Mommy is totally okay with that!
Dancing - He does the cute-baby-bob up and down when he hears a good tune.
Cuddling - Lucky for me, Porter is a little snuggle bug! He loves to cuddle with us! If I ask for a snuggle, he will stop what he's doing and come give me a squeeze. How sweet is that?!
Kissing - Oh my, does he love to kiss. He will seriously attack you, and you will have to bust out the Brawny after he is done with your face. Awesome. He will also kiss his toys or animals is you ask him to. What a loverboy!
Un-Gently Touching- Okay, so this one's not so good... some may call it hitting, but he never hits when he is upset, so sometimes I wonder if he is just touching and doesn't know how to be gentle, but it's a whack nonetheless. Unfortunately he likes to un-gently touch Jackson's head a lot. And my face. Those are his two favorite...good times.
Eating new foods - He loves tofu tossed in crunched up whole wheat Ritz crackers, and he has a new love for grapes. This morning when he was playing in the fridge (which he does a LOT) he opened the bottom drawer, plucked off a grape and popped it in his mouth. Of course I flipped out, not wanting him to choke on it, so I tried my darndest to get it out of his mouth. He had the death grip on that thing. The moment I realized I couldn't get it out was the same moment I realized he chewed it up and it was 3/4 gone...crisis averted. I will definitely remember to zip the grape bag closed from now on....guess he knows what he likes! He also loves pasta with sauce, which is a new one for us. I hadn't been able to eat tomatoes since he was born because they gave him a horrible diaper rash, but lately that isn't that case (yay!). I was reluctant to give him anything with spaghetti sauce, but we tried it and he LOVED it! His little tummy did great, so I am happy to be able to add another food he loves to the list of dinner possibilities.

I can't believe how fast he is growing and how much he is learning. Will he REALLY be one in a few weeks?!?

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Barb said...
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Barb said...

Does he clap his hands yet?

Can't wait to see you all in June and experience first hand just how smart my little Porter Chops is.

Happy Memorial Day.

Heather said...

I'll vouch that you're not crazy parents that think your baby can talk when he really can't. This boy can TALK! I mean, clear and normal human speech- its insane to hear it coming from such a little guy! SO CUTE!!!!!