Thursday, May 7, 2009

Noonie Woods and The PLAYERS Championship

Yesterday, Craig came home with the best 5 dollar gift Porter has ever received... his own golf clubs! It was pretty astonishing to see how he immediately knew what to do with them. He LOVES them! Think he may have seen Daddy play golf in the livingroom??? Craig likes to call him "Noonie Woods" now. I guess time will tell!

This video was taken when Craig first gave him his new clubs yesterday...a hole in one!

Tonight we took our little golfer to The PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra. It was such a lovely evening! The weather was perfect. The sun was hiding behind a few puffy clouds and there was a gorgeous cool breeze. We got there just in time to see Phil Mickelson tee off on the famous 17th hole and then we followed him to finish off the 18th. It was fun being so close to a celebrity! Then we found a cozy spot on the side of a hill with a perfect view back at the 17th and we took off our shoes and got comfortable. Porter crawled around in the grass while we watched the last few groups play through. We also saw beautiful wildlife, including a family of hawks in a giant nest, and a family of egrets feeding their noisy little ones. My favorite part of the night was when Porter would clap every time the crowd would! He loved it! It was a perfect night...except there were no cameras allowed...


Barb said...

Porter claps now - yeah way to go my littlest Buddy. Knew he would after I left.

Sounds like a perfect evening and you described it so well Barbie that I could picture the scene perfectly,

Shannon said...

He is just too cute for words. Trust Craig to get him hooked on golf!!!

Will said...

Yup, I'm guessing he has seen this done before! Little Noonie Woods - love it!
Aunt Krissy

Melissa said...

T.J. was there too! But he was there during the day and came home sun burned.