Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here comes Porter Cottontail

Happy First Easter, Porter Davis!

We had such a fun day on Sunday. We started the morning by finding Porter's Easter basket in the middle of the livingroom surrounded by eggs (thank you, Mr. Easter Bunny for not making it too hard for him to find!). It took him a minute to realize the glory thereof, but he caught on pretty quickly and started tearing it apart! He got books, a cool squishy ball, a Hot Wheels car, and a tie just like Daddy got in his basket! He loved his goodies, but he REALLY loved Mommy and Daddy's baskets! Ours had shiny candy that he loved putting in his mouth. He also loved the Easter grass in the bottom. It was everywhere!

Here he is delicately trying to open a peanut butter egg. Sorry, buddy! Not just yet!

Like I said, he really loved our baskets more than his own. In fact. He has been playing with an unopened package of Peeps all week. Quality toy.

Here is the handsome man all ready for church.

Cutest little bunny around!
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Shane, Janell and Jilli said...

i love these picures he is sooo cute!! especially the one at the bottom with the ears and that awesome smile:) i really love hearing all the things he does it gives me something to look forward to for Jilli. thanks for sharing your little guy:)

bnmwhitney said...

Ok I LOVE the tie! He is so cute! I wish we lived closer. I could really use a Porter fix. And being near my fabulous sister couldn't hurt either.