Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ormond Beach continued...

Here are a few more pictures from Ormond Beach last weekend. I'm still trying to get organized!

big smiles!

hanging out with Daddy
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Barb said...

Where does he get those gorgeous eyes from - they are too beautiful for words.

Daddy watch out - you don't want to lose the litle hair you have left. Looks like the "Big Guy" has quite a grip!

Thanks so much for the posts - just love all the pictures and comments.

Miss you all.

Kendra said...

Can I please just tell you how freaking cute your son is?!?! I love that big grin. I want to pinch his cheeks! Love it!

Haylee said...

Wow! Porter sure is getting big!

We fared well after Ike. We had tree parts all over, but the trees stayed standing! No structural damages that we can see to the house or the fence Daniel just put up! Thanks for checking up on us!

Anonymous said...

P is for future a non gross way....

O is for outrageously cute

R is for rad in his awesome pants

T is for tubular

E is for egg-celent

R is for Rawr...because that is what all the girlies will say when they see you!!!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

thanks barbie!!! your baby boy is SO adorable and I love his name (very creative!) we are having the hardest time picking a name for ours!!!

Jenn said...

Hey Barbie! Do you remember me from 5th ward?! How the heck are you?! Congrats on the new baby, you look great!

Andrea and Zach said...

love that smile!