Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Idaho Springs...er,I mean Breckenridge!

Could this be? An...an actual...gasp...blog post?! Tis true! It are actually a real-life, current blog update! Try not to die of shock!!!

Craig decided he wanted to take me and Porter to Idaho Springs this morning, and I have been dying to get out and see the sights since we moved here, so I was thrilled! The mountains have been beckoning to me, so I was so excited to pack up for the hour-ish drive into the mountains with no specific agenda in mind. We left just in time for Porter's nap, so he snoozed in the car...perfect.

Once we reached Idaho Springs, Porter was still sleeping, so we decided to keep driving. There was a sign for some sort of tunnel ahead, so we thought "why not?!" Through the tunnel we went, and Porter was still in sleepy-land, so we kept driving! By the time he woke up, we were about 20 minutes from Breckenridge, one of Craig's favorite places in Colorado, so that's where we went instead!

I LOVED it! It was so beautiful! The weather was perfect, and I could just imagine all the ski bums in their getup roaming around the adorable town and whooshing down the mountians. I was in heaven!

When we first got there, it was time for lunch. We stopped at and adorable/creepy little restaurant that ended up being the second worst mistake of the day (more on that later). It was gross. The service was s...l...o...w... and the food was enh. Okay, the food was bad, too. But it did the job of filling our tummies and off we went, regretting that decision.

My favorite part was this gorgeous stream that ran through the center of the town, and there were (stupid) people wading in it all along...even some doggies! I stuck my toes in and it was absolutely freezing, hence their stupidity. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We walked all along the town and in and out of little shops. It was wonderful. Porter was mostly charming and he enjoyed himself, too. There were tons of doggies being walked, so that kept him very entertained.

On the way back to the car, just in time for Porter's nap #2, Craig stopped to get a chocolate chip cookie for the road. I decided to get Porter some rice milk at this particular establishment because they didn't have whole milk and Porter LOVES rice milk. That, my friends, was the worst mistake of the day. He loved it SO much, that he drank about 8 ounces in about 60 seconds. No worries, right? Wrong. JUST as I was buckling him into his carseat, approximately 2 minutes after the rice milk indulgence, out it ALL came. Actually, I'm pretty sure that 8 oz. turned into 25 oz. Peeeeerfect. I love puke. Love it. Okay....I really hate it. Like, REALLY hate it, but I controlled myself for the sake of our child. Craig was a whiz at helping me clean things up, and thank GOODNESS I brought the noonie an extra outfit (why did I do that? I NEVER do that). After a much needed gas station arm shower, we were on our way home. Poor little man wasn't feeling so great, and was SO tired at this point that he had a hard time falling asleep, but once he did he slept until we pulled in at home.

Overall we had a fantastic day, and I can't wait until our next day adventure...Colorado Springs perhaps?

Ladies, these are just some of the perks of having an unemployed husband...so if you have one of those, soak it up while you can!


Vivid Vinyl said...

Fun for you guys! Sorry about the throwing up - never fun, but especially in a car!

Melissa said...

AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I want to cry! I am so jealous you get to LIVE there!!! We were in Grand Junction. But, we drove through the places you did. All along I-70 is just gorgeous. I need to post my pics of Glenwood Springs. We have driven through there for 31 years and have never stopped to do anything. Well, Monday we stopped and did the Glenwood Caverns and it was SO much fun!! You and Craig need to go there and stay the night while someone watches Porter - do it for your anniversary or something. Look it up :) It's a blast. I was thinking about you while we went couponing last night...it wasn't the same without you, and for the fact that I had to bring my kids!!