Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Big Spill

A few weeks ago Porter was playing in his sandbox and he fell right over the tallest edge and landed full-force-face-first on a rock. Unfortunately, I saw it happen, and I was sure he had a broken nose, neck, or both. He didn't even cry for too long, but he was left with a nasty battle wound! Thank goodness it's mostly gone now, just a little scar on the bridge of his nose that I am hoping will disappear! Hello, Mederma!

p.s. Aren't you PROUD of me for blogging?!?! I'm trying out uploading pictures to the Mac and using this bad boy instead of our PC. So far, so good! Don't give me grief. I'm a creature of habit!


Mrs. Blimes said...

ouchie! but SOOOOO glad you're bloggin again!

Patrick and Brooke said...

Welcome back friend, we missed you. Even all busted up, Porter is still such a doll. :)

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