Friday, July 2, 2010

Porter's Birthday Party!

We had a blast at throwing Porter a big birthday party for his special day! Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy, so the outdoor festivities were relocated indoors. We didn't get to put up the bounce house, and Craig had to grill under an umbrella, but we still had a great time!

This is the birthday banner I made for his special day!

Cupcakes!!! I spent many, many hours on those cupcake toppers, but I just love how they turned out!

A close-up of said toppers. Nothing can make a cupcake cuter than my boy's face right on top :)
Party time!
I hung 2's from our light fixture and it looked so cute! The party favor was two little goldfish for the little ones to take home.
I fancied up a party invitation and displayed it along with some fish food for the little fishies that left with Porter's friends.
More party favors. The boxes contained stickers, goldfish crackers and, of course, a cute picture of the birthday boy!
Porter's family that loves him so much :) He is a lucky boy to have family so close by!
Our neighbors, the Kaylor's. They are precious in every way!
Opening presents :)
Loving every minute of it!
A semi-failed attempt at getting a group shot of all the little ones. This was the best of all of them.
Shay and Lissie are turned around. Lexie and Abby are at the top. Slade, Brock, and Tylie are in the middle (how awesome is Tylie? She was so ready for pictures!) The bottom row is a relatively unhappy Peter, a perfectly-posed Ayden, and an I-refuse-to-sit-down Porter! This picture cracks me up!

Here is a video of the birthday song. I love this so much! Look how happy he is!

Thanks to all of our friends and family for making it a special day for Porter!


Coates Family said...

You are so flippin adorable. The party looks awesome and you did such a great job! Porter is so lucky to have you! Happy Birthday Porter! Love you guys!

BettyBee said...

Oh, this is just awesome! I actually clapped my hands when he blew out the candles **silly Nana**!! I sure wish I could have been there. You did a fin-tastic job on the decorations and party planning!!! I know a great time was had by all :)

Mrs. Blimes said...

What an ADORABLE party!!! I wish Miles coulda come!!!

Happy Day Porter!!!

Loralee said...

Wow! It is all so very cute. I love the cupcake toppers and the fun party favors...maybe you should do my next party??

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Porter!!! I can't believe it is already two years! He looks so grown up. You are super cute Barbie. I love all the decorations! I'll have to email for ideas when Auburn turns two!

Krissy said...

I love it!!!!!! The cupcakes are too cute - so sorry I missed this! Love you all XOXOXO

Patrick and Brooke said...

It looks like an awesome party - you did a great job! I showed the video to Jackson and he just laughed and laughed. :) Miss you!

Dynamic Duo said...

Totally cute. I love the video. It is so cute how he blows out candles. We had a great time.

Braden and Julie Reynolds said...

Hey what do ya say next year we team up and have double parties for Porter and Lila. You do all that cutsie crap again and I will....hmmmmm.....what can I do? Poor poor Lila. Lucky Lucky Porter! What an adorable party.

Vivid Vinyl said...

So stinkin' cute - Porter and the decorations! It looked like he had a fun time. I'm glad we got to talk. I miss y'all. Happy Birthday Porter

Andrea and Zach said...

way to go barbie! I love the party favors-a fish! How cool. Were the parents as happy as the kids? I totally want to copy you!

Grama said...

Happy Birthday,Porter! You are growing up so fast! It looks like you had lots of fun at your birthday party.

SAY said...

I love it, Totally cute