Saturday, November 15, 2008

sick again

Our sweet baby is sick again. I called the doctor Friday morning because he has been congested since right before Halloween. It seemed to be getting a little worse instead of better and lasting forever, so I called in and they had me bring him to the office that morning to check things out. After a LONG visit, 2 breathing treatments, a chest x-ray, and a stressed out Mommy, he was diagnosed with RSV with wheezing which then led to bronchiolitis (click for more info). His spirits are up, and he is pretty much normal during the day, just extra-snotty. No fever and his ears and throat look great, so that's a blessing. His nights are pretty tough, though. He gets extra-congested while he is sleeping, so I have to suction his nose and use saline drops several times a night just so he can breathe. It is especially difficult to feed him at night. (No, he's not sleeping through the night yet!)

His pediatrician said that this could go on for weeks, which I can't stand the thought of! Hopefully he will be able to kick it sooner rather than later and be able to breathe freely again! She also has him on a 5-day trial of allergy medicine to see if allergies are making the situation worse. After a day and a half on that, I don't think it's helping, but we'll see.

I can't wait to put the nose sucker away! It is such a necessary little evil (and is quite addicting, I admit!) and he has grown to loathe it. I feel horrible every time I have to wipe his little nose or sit down to do yet another breathing treatment. Please keep Porter in your prayers so that his little lungs will be healthy again soon!


Coates Family said...

Poor little dude. Call me and I'll teach you a great little trick for making nose sucking 100 times easier and quicker. Hope he feels better.

Shannon said...

Poor little guy. Check and see if your doctor will allow him benadryl. Thats what I use for the girls to dry up their little noses. He's a little young though so you should check first.

Barb said...

Hope my little man is feeling better. Sounds like he takes after his Daddy - bronchiolitis! Craig had the exact same thing. Not fun for the parents, but I am sure if you ask Craig, he will not remember much about it. Hang in there, he will out grown it.

Better still, move to Colorado,the dry climate will do him the world of good!!!!!!!

Love and miss you all.

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets feeling better soon Barbie! Having babies sick is the worst thing about being a mom, because you really can't do anything to FIX it.

We're loving you!

Holly said...

Yuck! I am so sorry, I hope he feels better soon!