Monday, November 24, 2008

A visit to the allergist

At Porter's doctor's visit last Friday for his fever, his pediatrician referred us to an Allergist/Pulmonologist and an ENT for a second opinion on his bronchiolitis and chronic congestion. We were very blessed to be able to get the first appointment this morning with the allergist. He was AWESOME. One of the best, most thorough doctors I have ever seen. Specialists rock. Basically, he took a VERY detailed account of what our little noonie has been through in reference to his nose and lungs since he was born. He thinks Porter has an issue with chronic sinusitis, which has the same symptoms as a cold, but is an infection in his sinuses (he has probably had this three times since birth). We have to watch the color of his mucus (awesome) very carefully, and if it is tinted, even white, for 10 days or more he suggested that he go directly onto antibiotics. Also, he took thorough notes about our home and life and our family history. He didn't think allergies were contibuting to the constant nasal congestion, but with our history he wanted to do a few tests just to be sure. He had 13 skin scratch tests on his back for a number of allergens to see if he had reactions to them. He tested for the most common things for a baby his age to be allergic to (soy, egg, milk, wheat, 2 kinds of dustmites, cockroaches...disgusting, 4 kinds of mold, cat and dog). I was wigging out when they told me they were going to poke him 15 times (two to measure by), but it ended up being WAY easier than I anticipated. They take a little plastic thingy with a rough end and just rub it on your skin. The sweet nurse showed me how it felt and it wasn't painful at all. That calmed my fears a lot, and I didn't even leave the room like I threatened to. Porter didn't seem to mind at all, but by the 13th rub he was thinking "get this woman off my back, mom." The hardest part was that we couldn't touch his back for 15 minutes, when they came back to read the results. Here he is being a trooper with Daddy. Psycho Mommy with the camera, of course.

The damage. This was before any of the reactions started popping up.

Naturally, we let him do his favorite thing ever and eat the paper on the table while we waited. Whoever came up with te paper-on-the-table idea is a genius and I love them. As does Porter. High-quality entertainment.

So, when they read the results, he unfortunately did have 3 reactions out of the 13. The worst one was for egg, which he is getting through my breastmilk. Basically he said that if he got a reaction to the airborne allergens then it is correct, but the food may or may not be correct. Doesn't it seem strange that me eating egg can make my baby more congested? Weird, but true! So what I have to do is eliminate egg from my diet for 7 days, then back on for three, out for 7, back on for 3, then the same thing one more time. I will journal his nasal symptoms and then we will be able to determine whether he is indeed allergic to egg. Fun, fun! He said I can wait until after Thanksgiving...yesssss. :)

To my MAJOR dismay, the other two reactions were cat and dog. Sad, sad, sad!!! I asked the doctor if this means we have to get rid of our sweet kitty, and he said yes. I just about started crying right there in the office, but I held back the tears until a) I called my mom. (that will always get me going) and b) I walked through the door and was greeted by our sweet Mila. I am SOOOOOO SAD!!!! Obvioulsy, Porter's health is the most important thing to us, so she will go, but I am NOT happy about it! So, if anyone knows someone loving who may want our sweet little girl, please let me know. I would love if it was someone I know so that we can have visitation and call to check on her. Also, Porter may grow out of the allergy, so if in five years he is all better, I will be asking for her back. There will also be a strict interview process beforehand. Okay, I know I'm being dramatic (and not serious), but I LOVE HER!

We also aren't going to be able to stay at my parent's house for Thanksgiving this week because of their little (okay, huge) kitties, so thanks, Krissy, for letting us crash in your pet-free home.

Isn't it amazing how many little things can go on with a healthy baby?! We are looking forward to our visit with the ENT on Friday, December 5th to get more detailed information on his trachiomalacia.

What a day.
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LAURA and ELIZA said...

YAY! Another blog to add to my collection! So good to see ya!

Mrs. Blimes said...

I am so sad about youe cat B. I don't know what I'll do if our baby is allergic to dogs! I didnt even think about that!!!

so many many things to worry about and hes not even here yet!


Barb said...

Barbie thank you for such an informative blog on our poor little Porters allergies. You should think about writing a book sometime.

My heart just goes out to all of you - this is not an easy time but one that I know you will get through. We are praying for you and if Porter is anything like his Daddy, he will out grow this.

Big hugs for Porter and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Barb said...

I have just met the three best elves ever and boy do they have the moves. Too cute and extremely funny. Thanks so much - made my Thanksgiving.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Sarasota.