Saturday, January 31, 2009

Keeping my Whits

My sister has a blog!!! I will take credit, even though I'm not sure I deserve it. I have been nagging her for a while now, though! I'm so happy that I get to see more pictures and hear more stories about my sister and her family! Visit their blog here!


Barb said...

Good job Barbie - now we can keep tabs on Tori!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love to all and special hugs and kisses for Porter.


BettyBee said...

Yay! Tag team nagging works miracles!!!

By the way,,,,You have been TAGGED! Check out my blog to find out all about it!!


bnmwhitney said...

Yikes!! Now other people know so I really have to keep it up and make it awesome! No pressure.