Saturday, January 31, 2009

When Mom tags, you answer!

I was tagged by my sweet Mommy today, and even though I just did a tag very similar to this one, how could I turn down my own Mom?! This one is the sixth picture in the sixth folder...and how appropriate?! It's our adorable baby boy on his SIX month birthday!!!


Kevin & Jessica said...

How appropriate! Poerter is SO CUTE!! Love all of those little chubber rolls, Logan is still only in the 5th % on his height and weight, he just hit 17 lbs. Logan has his bottom two teeth, Santa brought his first one on Christmas morning. He is trying to crawl, does some rocking but really he is just wanting to pull up and stand at things, ho about Porter. OH, are you on facebook? there is a 2008 june mums board if you would want to request to join. Hope all else is well in sunny Fl.

bnmwhitney said...
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bnmwhitney said...

It seems like you are slacking on updating your blog. For all I know the baby could be walking and maybe even driving. Who knows?!?! I think you need to stop hanging out with mom and get to work on this blog!