Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 months old

Our little man turned 9 months old today. It is all so hard to believe. Almost the whole amount of time he was in my belly has gone by since his birth. How does that happen so fast? It feels like I was just standing there with a positive pregnancy test, thrilled beyond belief at what was ahead. Having Porter in our life has been exponentially more rewarding than I ever, ever imagined.

Some things that he is up to lately that make us smile:
~Saying "dada." So cute, and Craig loves it of course. He whispers it a lot, which is extra adorable.
~His aforementioned love of the refrigerator, or any kitchen appliance for that matter. Beating on the oven door with a wooden spoon is a favorite activity as of late, as well as pulling up on the open dishwasher door and trying to reach the dishes inside.
~He pulls himself up to standing on just about everything, especially people. Lucky for Mommy he hasn't figured out that he can do that in his crib yet. I stress out when I think about little teeth marks along the front of his beautiful crib. I know. Let it go.
~He still loves the bath, and pulls himself up in there, too, like a naughty boy. We have discovered the joy of bubbles in the bath lately, and it has been so fun watching him try to figure those bubbles out!
~He turns pages in a book when we read to him.
~He blows raspberries when he doesn't want anymore to eat or drink. Not really a great habit to get into, but pretty cute nonetheless.

Porter has the sweetest personality. He is so easy going and so snuggly. He lights up a room when he smiles, and we continue to be SO blessed to have our little boy in our lives! Happy 3/4 Birthday, Porter Davis!

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Kevin & Jessica said...

Happy 9 mo old birthday my birthday buddy
:) Logan
(posted with the help of mommy)

Shannon said...

We just miss him so much. Thank you for all the pictures and posts. It makes it easier to be so far away.

We LOVE you ALL!!!

bnmwhitney said...

He is ultra cute man. I can't believe that you were here a year ago without a baby in your arms. It is funny how we were our own people before our kids and now we can't imagine life without them and everything that they bring to our lives. I am so glad that you are blessed to be a mommy. You are certainly one of the most deserving people of this ultimate pleasure! I love you so much and I am proud of all you are.


Your very proud big sister :)