Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things I don't want to forget

I wish my brain could remember every single little wonderful and adorable thing that Porter does, but it's been proven that even though I try, I just can't. I think that my heart won't let me forget, but I can't seem to keep all the memories intact that I wish I could. So here are a few things about today that I never, never want to forget.

-Lately, after family prayer when Craig leaves Porter and I alone to read and cuddle before bedtime, the noonie will yell "LUH-LOO, DADDY!" (love you, Daddy) over and over until Craig responds. It's so, so, so cute. I can feel his little body arching as he yells as loud as he possibly can so Daddy will hear him, and he smiles so big when he hears his Daddy tell him he loves him back.

- I brought Porter to our bed this morning to wake Craig up, and he laid his head on his chest and said "morning, Daddy."

- Just after I buckled Porter into his carseat this afternoon, he looked at me and said "luh-loo, mommy." There is nothing better in the whole wide world, I'm convinced, than hearing your baby tell you he loves you. Makes me melt just thinking about it.

-Porter threw up (yet again) tonight, so I stripped him down to his diaper and socks. I never, ever want to forget how delicious he looked running around in the almost-nude. He ran around and squealed and said "nakie!" I have no physical pictures, but I have mental pictures that are too cute to describe :)

Does it seem like I love him more and more every day? Because I do.


Vivid Vinyl said...

Cute stuff. I can't believe he's talking! I miss you guys!

Patti said...

Nothing better than when your kid says I love you. I totally agree! HOw is your new house???