Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bum Therapy

On Friday afternoon we took Porter to the doctor again for a bad diaper rash that wouldn't go away. Turns out he has a yeast infection on his little hiney from having SO many poopy diapers. Not only is he an efficient eater, he's an efficient pooper, too! (He also gained 6 oz in 3 days...woo hoo! Now he's up to 8 lbs. 4.5 oz.) It is so sad to see him so uncomfortable! We were given a prescription for a cream to mix with 2 other creams to help, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be making it any better, and we've tried everything. If it isn't better by tomorrow I will call the dr again. She also suggested some air time for his little bum, so we've been doing that at least twice a day. He actually really likes it, and I secretly enjoy rubbing his little back and squeezing his naked hiney! Here is a picture of our nightly bum therapy.
Like father, like son! I just thought this was too cute.

This is a picture of Porter when he was at his very first restaurant! When Nana and I were out running errands, we stopped by Panera for lunch and he was such a good boy. He was wearing a super-cute and super-TRUE onesie that his Aunt Tori bought for him...Thanks Aunt Tori! I love you! xoxo
These are a couple of pictures of our friends Jodi and Simon with the baby. They are expecting their own baby in September, and enjoyed the practice of handling a tiny one! They are going to be such good parents! Unfortunately for us, they moved to Germany this morning. We will have to see pictures of their little one through their blog (hint, hint!). We will miss you guys!

More pics from our afternoon out with Nana on Saturday.


ladybug1059 said...

Hola TerBloggers!! It's Krissy, I have just arrived to meet little Porter for the first time - He is everything I thought he would be and more!! What a precious little boy. I am so excited to be here and get to know more about his little personality.Well done Barbie & Craig:) XOXOXOXOXOX

Kendra said...

So cute! I love that double chin. I can't believe how fast he's gaining weight. That's awesome! I can't wait to hold him again. It's going to be too long :(

Patti said...

He is getting so big already! What a cutie!!

I hope his bum feels better soon!

Betty Brett said...

Oh, I sure do miss him ALREADY! It's the next morning. How come I don't see new pictures??? Huh, Huh, Huh??? A Nana just has to have her baby fix, you know!!! I hope the Rosa's Butt Balm has done wonders for his little Bum. Give him kisses and hugs from Nana, and keep lots and lots for yourselves.
I love you to infinity and beyond.