Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The awesome guy that is Porter.

I haven't updated on our noonie in quite a while, so I (and my far-away family) thought it was time! Our little boy is getting so big. He gets more and more wonderful every day, and we are SO thankful for him! He makes us laugh non-stop, and we could not love him more! He is doing so many quirky, funny, and cute things lately. Here are a few things about our awesome guy...

Things he says...

The boy talks. He talks and he talks and he talks. He says a new word almost every day. When we first moved here, he took a break from talking for a few weeks. I guess that was his way of transitioning. Since then, he is back on track, and saying more words than ever. I have a running list, and he is up to over 70 words! Most of the words he says in the form of a question, which makes me giggle. Some of our favorites are:

- "snuggle" (nuggle) He requests lots of snuggles and gives them out freely if you just ask :) This is definitely one of my favorite things about him right now.

- "open" (opie?) He uses this one A LOT. He got in the habit of saying "help" every time he needed something (instead of whining), which was GREAT. When he needed help opening something, like a door, I would say "open?" after he would ask for help. Now whenever he needs or wants something, he automatically says "opie?" instead of help. He is also very patient and will repeat himself over and over until you can help him instead of getting frustrated most of the time. (edited: since I started writing this post, he now often says "open" or "open it" instead of "opie"...sad.)

- "Abby" and he is working on "Lissie." He knows when we drive into their neighborhood and he always shouts "Abby!"... Also, when he sees other little girls around, he calls them Abby.

- "Izzy" (Issie) - the dog next door, whom he LOVES but can't touch!

- "hello" and recently he has put two words together saying "Hello, Papa!" We about fell over when he said that for the first time!

- He is working on other two-word combos. The most popular is "snuggle puppy" when he snuggles his pups.

- "shoe" He is still just as obsessed with shoes as ever!

- "milk" (meeeeeuk? - as he hangs on the refrigerator door) Just plain cute.

- "owie" when he gets hurt.

- He recently learned to say "thank you" and that always makes mommy happy!

- "belly" He is quite obsessed with bellies and if you come in contact with him, he might just ask to see yours! He shows his off to everyone, including the lady in the soup aisle at the grocery store the other afternoon. It's a good thing I know he won't judge my belly, because he sees it a lot!
- "noonie" - Think he's heard us say this one before???


- He names and recognizes lots of body parts, including eye, ear, nose, mouth, head, hair, and we're working on toe and foot. He's also said "elbow" before...tee hee.

- He knows a few animals, including cow, doggie/puppy, kitty, birdie, turtle, fishie, bear, monkey, and sounds of the usual farm animals, although lately he says that everything says "moo" when you ask him and then he laughs :)

- He is naming a few colors (with help, obviously). He can say blue, green, red, and my favorites are yellow and purple.

- The other day at church he asked me for a wipee, and I didn't even know he knew that word! (wah-pee)

- He LOVES his blankie and says the word whenever he sees it. It's a funny one, sounding more like "link-lee" than blankie.

- He also LOVES to color. I sit him in his high chair when he colors, and lately everytime I put him in there to eat he says "cullie?" because he thinks we're going to color. Sorry, buddy, it's just food. He also says "cullie?" whenever he sees a crayon or a pen, or when he sees me sit down to make a grocery list.

- A not-so-fun, but funny thing he has learned to say is "no way." Unfortunatley this usually comes out right after I have disciplined him for something. He usually smacks a nearby table or couch and shouts "no way!" The funny thing is that I think he learned this from me in a store one day. I remember seeing something at a great price and I said "no way!" He's been saying it ever since.

The funniest part is that he NEVER misses anything. If you are having a conversation with someone else and he recognizes a word, he will say it. (The other day I was talking to Craig's mom about a lesson I had to give in church on prayer and he folded his arms....funny boy!) He tries hard to say anything you ask him to, and he is saying a LOT more words on his own in the last few weeks, rather than repeating them. It's so fun listening to him!

Things he loves...

-Going boompsies. He will stand in his crib and all of the sudden pull his little legs up and land on his tush. We call this "boompsies" and he will do it on command, even when he's not in his bed (this has resulted in a couple of bum bruises when he boompsied on a toy or two). He does this every time he wakes up... it never fails. He thinks its just hilarious. He says "boopie!"

- Blowing and catching kisses. Another bedtime routine which he thinks is the bomb, and he will blow kisses and say "maaaaa!" when anyone leaves (or when you ask him to blow kisses). He does lots of things on demand, which I know won't last :)

- Snuggles. Loves snuggles, and so do I, so we make a great pair.

- Kisses. He kisses and snuggles everything. People. Babies. Pages in books. Toys. There is a family of ceramic ducks on the front porch that he kisses right on their little duck bills daily. He is such a little lover. I got approximately 15 kisses before I put him down for a nap this morning, too :)

- Cooked carrots, milk, yogurt, crackers and not much else in the way of food, unfortunately.


- Coloring. (see above and watch your mailbox for a personalized creation...I can't throw those masterpieces away!)

- Playing outside. He is such a boy and loves the outdoors. Lately he has chosen a favorite stick and carries it with him all over every time he goes outside.

- The neighbor's dogs. He gets SO excited when they come out, even though I have to hold him because he's allergic. He wants "DOWN" so badly!!

- The park. He adores the park and would never leave if I didn't make him. He especially loves the swings (the wheee's) and the slides. The other day we found a park with a slide that he could go down all by'da thought he won the lottery.

- Greeting Daddy when he get's home! Our favorite part of the day :) He watches out the front window and shouts "Daddy!" We sure miss him since he's gone back to work.

- Singing. He loves all songs, but the current favorite is "Row, row, row your boat" probably because he can say "row, row, row."

- His favorite book is still "The Little Mouse, the Red, Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear." Awesome book.

- Babies. He can spot them from a mile away, including babies on baby food jars and boxes of diapers in the store :)

- Brushing his teeth. You can get him to do pretty much anything if you let him brush his teeth. (That gives me an AWESOME idea to bring his toothbrush when we get his hair cut next...yessssss!)
- Mozart. We have been listening to Mozart every day and he LOVES it. He asks for the CD to be played at least once a day, and bears a huge grin when it starts. He often dances and sings along, too.

- Twirling. Lately in the evening when everyone is home, he takes his spot on the stage (the tile inside the front door) and we ask him to twirl for us. He will twirl a few times and then wait for our reaction. We purposely wait a few seconds before we praise him, and he thinks it is HILARIOUS. He's gotten pretty into it lately, so we have to tell him to stop twirling or he gets so dizzy that he runs into things. This is one of the things we look forward to every night!

Things he loathes...

- The dreaded diaper change. Why do children feel like they are being mutilated during this procedure? You know, it really would go faster if you would just hold still! Common sense, dude.

- Getting dressed. Sometimes he is good, but usually he is like dressing an octopus.

- Coming inside. Ooooooooh the terror when he has to come inside from playing. Saddest thing ever. Unless you bribe him with a snack :)

- Most things to do with eating. He's just not interested, and he does a lot of spitting things out. Thankfully, he will still eat baby food if I feel like he hasn't consumed anything of worth all day. Thank goodness he loves milk (and he's growing like a weed).

- Wearing a jacket...I've got news for you sweet pea! (as I type this it's snowing...brrrr!)
Here is a video of him wearing his coat for the first time. As soon as I put it on him, he fell over (onto a pile of winter clothes that I had just moved up from the ignore that). Poor Florida baby can't move in all that fluff!

And for the stats:

He got a great checkup at his 15 month well visit on September 10th. He is 21 pounds and something like 9 ounces (perhaps I should add the scale at the doctor's office to the list of loathes) and 31 3/4 inches long. That's the 25th percentile for weight and 75th for height. He has definitely had a growth spurt since we've been here, and his baby features are going....going.....

I know I could go on and on about the details of our little guy. He is so flipping wonderful and funny...not to mention SO CUTE. We think he's the bees knees and we certainly could never imagine a single day without him! We are so thankful to be his Mommy and Daddy!
We love you, Porter-pie!


Vivid Vinyl said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! I can't believe how big he's getting in such a short amount of time- y'all haven't been gone that long!

Snowing really?

bnmwhitney said...

He is so fun! I cant wait to kiss his sweet face.

Shannon said...

He's so amazing. We feel so blessed to be able to spend so much time with him. Just wait til he actually gets to play in the snow. You really won't be able to get him inside then!

Patrick and Brooke said...

Porter is adorable! I can't believe he talks so much, well, yes I can he was always advanced in that area. Thanks so much for posting the videos - I love being able to see him in action, I'll have to show Jackson later tonight. (P.S. On his 12 month checkup, Jackson was 26.8 lbs and 32 inches long!)

Holly said...

That is so crazy that he can talk that well. My oldest talked really young, but chayce won't say a word ( not that I can tell anyway) He mostly just screams for anything he wants. It's SO annoying!

Andrea and Zach said...

What a big boy! I'm glad he seems to like his new home and is chatting away! It's so fun and exciting to hear kids say new things daily. I just love it!

Andrea and Zach said...

Hey, random question. I was looking at video monitors and remembered the people you nannied for had one. What brand was it and was it good? I don't want to spend a fortune, but i do have a $50 gift card to Babies R Us so that helps a little! I've read reviews but still can't tell which one to buy. Was their's nice?

Loralee said...

He is such a cute little boy!