Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's discuss why I'm up at 1 am when the baby is not...

Well... Little man is asleep IN HIS CRIB (this is a new development), and he has been there since 9 pm. He ate at 8 pm. That's 5 hours, people. That has never happened in his tiny little life. Perhaps since he turned the ripe old age of 6 weeks old today he believes it is time to sleep longer. Amen, brotha. Now... clearly, had I known this would be the case I would have gone to sleep at 10 pm. However, I kept thinking "he'll be up any minute" and you know how hard it is to wake up after you've JUST fallen asleep, right? Hence the awake-ness. Sadly enough, I will currently stay awake until he wakes up for the same reason. Crazy? Definitely.

This is also why the blog has a fresh new look. I had to stay busy somehow. I was kinda tired of the background not this one's cuter, don't you think?

Wonder when he'll wake up?

Update: Porter woke up precisely 3 minutes after I published this post. 1:03...I kid you not. I was quite relieved, though, because I desperately wanted to go to bed. So a half an hour later, he was fed and fast asleep and I was happily in my bed for the first time. Phew.

I am also happy to report that I was man enough to leave him in his crib ALL night! I am so proud of myself!!! Okay, don't's hard! He's only 6 weeks old! So, I did the back-and-forth across the house all night long for the first time. Not too bad, except poor Mila (the cat) would follow me from door to door wanting to come in each time, and she's not allowed in our rooms at night! I made up for it today with many treats. I am now her favorite person again. Anyway, the night was a success. Craig and Porter definitely got better sleep. Me? I obsessively watched the video monitor all night, but I did manage to sleep, so that's great. It was fun going in his room this morning at 7 to get him out of that crib I've been picturing him in for months. What a good little man.


Barb said...

So how long did you have to wait until he woke up? I can just picutre the scene. I am not surprised Porter slept well in his crib - who wouldn't in that designer nursery!

Hope you get through the rest of the day without falling asleep while feeding him.

Lots of love,

Shannon said...

I had a hard enough time with the regular monitor. I cna't imagine having a video monitor to watch. I wouldn't have gotten any sleep!

So glad Porter had a good night and you had a good first crib experience.

Can't wait to see you!!!

bnmwhitney said...

Cute background. I am glad that he is being a good boy. Thanks for the pictures. He sure is getting cuter everyday. Have a wonderful day.