Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Afternoon in St. Augustine

My brother Doug surprised his wife, Brianne, by bringing her up to St. Augustine for their anniversary a couple of weekends ago, and they were sweet enough to invite me to have lunch with them. We ate in the Lightner Museum Restaurant, which is in what used to be the deep end of the largest indoor pool in the world. It was delicious and pretty awesome thinking about people swimming around in the sulfer water where we ate! Fun!

Uncle Doug was awesome and fed Porter his lunch so Mommy could eat hers uninterrupted! Doesn't his food look yummy? It was! I tried it!

This picture makes me laugh. I took literally ten pictures of Porter and Brianne, and every single time her eyes were closed. Naturally, my brother decided to help out. This was the only one with them open!

How sweet is this??? Porter hung out with Aunt Brianne the whole afternoon, and he loved it. :)

After lunch, we went into the courtyard of the museum to feed the coy in a pretty little coy pond. We tried to get Porter to feed the fishies, but the bread went right in his mouth. Surprised?
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bnmwhitney said...

I think that he loved Aunt Brianne's awesome cleavage! She looks hot! I am sure that it was fun. I miss all of you guys. XOXOXO

Rach said...

You know, the one and only thing I remember about your brother (I met him while he was a Priesthood holder at Girls Camp) was that he could take a laytex glove, fit it over half his head until it covered his nose, and then inflate it. I remember coming across him like that one night while walking back from devotionals. I'm sure he'd love to know that there is someone in the world whose only memory of him is that.