Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Haircut

On February 12th, Porter had his first big boy haircut! Knowing that I would completely ruin my sweet boy's locks by trying to do it myself, Craig and I went to the professionals... and it was worth every penny! We took him to a cute little children's salon and boutique called Doodle Doo's. They were equipped with 2 staff members for our noonie, a hair stylist and an entertainer. Awesome. They had bubbles, toys, and a dvd player all set up with Baby Einstein. Pretty smart! He didn't pay a bit of attention to the dvd, but a smart idea nonetheless. They were ready to hand him a new toy every time he looked bored with the old one! They were wonderful, and they did a great job with his haircut!

Here he is sitting in the cute little boat! His little bare feet sticking out the bottom was the best thing ever. He loved holding on to the steering wheel. You can see how his hair was hanging over his ears in this picture. I was constantly tucking it behind his ears, so I knew it was time for a cut. He did not love the cape, so that went bye-bye pretty quickly. Cute, though!

He did SO well while she cut his hair! He didn't fuss at all! They were quite impressed with him and they wished every baby getting their first haircut was as well-behaved. :)

Here is a shot of the back when she was all done.

All finished! Don't I look handsome?!

They took a picture of him getting his spiffy cut and printed it for us before we left. They also gave him a "first haircut" certificate and a little keepsake box with locks of his hair. Pretty good deal for $15! Thanks, Doodle Doo's! Our boy looks gorgeous (and SO BIG!)
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Barb said...

No, no - he is growing up way too quickly. He is all boy now - no longer baby, gorgeous all the same though. He is just so handsome with his hair cut.

What a great kids salon you found -such a neat idea to give you a keepsake box with his locks in it.

Love and miss you all.

bnmwhitney said...

That sounds like a great place. Smart idea having someone else do it. My boys ended up with a naked head when Spencer "cut" theirs. I didnt let him touch Dylan when it was time. I think I had finally learned. Porter looks so big and so cute. I love his precious cheeks. I wish I could be closer to the squishy all the time. I love you all.

Jonesy Thompson said...

I was sent to your blog by friends Holly and James Barr (grew up with Holly). My family and I live in Jax too. I'll definitely have to take my little guy to that salon. He and porter are only a couple of weeks apart. Dash was born May 22! --Jenny (

Kendra said...

I can't tell you how perfect the timing of this post is. But first let me say how "big boy" he looks. It's crazy! I love the perfect cut on the back of his neck. It's so cute on such a little boy.

We've never cut either kids hair, and were thinking it's about time for Leah so we were trying to find a place this week. You need to tell me a phone number, website, address, something for this Doddle Doos. They gave you the certificate, haircut and box for $15? The box and certificate wasn't extra?

Jodi said...

He is a cutie! I can't believe how grown up he looks. When I see him, I just think how Auburn will be in a few months.