Monday, February 23, 2009

Will Crawl for Food

Well, sort of. Porter will book it from wherever he is to make it to the fridge when we open it. He loves it! He is crawling so well now!


bnmwhitney said...

That is a riot! Did you have to wipe the bottom of the fridge before you took the video? I totally would have had to. Thanks for posting videos. They always make me smile. I needed that today!



Barb said...

That is just the cutest. If that floor was not so slipery, he would have crawled into the fridge. Definitely a man on a mission.

BettyBee said...

Oh, that is SO cute! He sure is getting around a LOT better than he was just a couple of weeks ago. That is so funny that he loves to be in the refrigerator! Thanks for the videos. I so love them.