Sunday, February 15, 2009

Porter's First Word!

Here is a video of Porter saying "mamama." He says it ALL the time now, and I LOVE IT! Usually it is when he is upset, so excuse the sadness.


Shannon said...

Too cute!!! He is such a special little guy. Please give him lots of love and kisses from all of us.

bnmwhitney said...

How fun!! I think all of mine said dada first. Turkeys! He is getting so big so fast. Love to all,

The Poore Family! said...

I agree with your sister! Porter is extra special because he said mama first! Lucky...I would have melted if Elliotte said mama first!!!! Sweet, sweet, Porter, how I love you!!!!! (and your rockstar thighs!!! YUM!)

Will said...

OMG soooo funny XOXOXOXOX