Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alright. My mom is always trying to sneak this boy something to eat, knowing that I would lay a plaid rabbit if anything other than breastmilk crossed his lips at this point. So...just to irritate me, she was taunting my sweet boy with a Diet Pepsi. Look at his lips! I think he really wanted it! Mom, don't you know if I was going to give him Pepsi I would give him the GOOD stuff...not DIET!

Nana's big boy!

This is Nicholas and Zachary, my cousin Paige's cutie little boys. I love Nicholas's pout here! I like to pretend he was really sad to leave me, but in reality I think it had something to do with a toy car. Whatevs. Aren't they precious?!

Aunt Tori and Porter snuggling in her awesome IKEA swing on her front porch. I want one!
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