Monday, October 13, 2008

Rice cereal

Porter enjoyed his very first taste of rice cereal on Saturday. Daddy did the honors, and he really loved it! We have given it to him about 4 times since then and he is really getting the hang of it quickly. He finishes the bowl every time! He is definitely a growing boy with a hearty appetite!


Full tummy + Clean Shirt = Happy Baby!
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Kendra said...

Look at that smile! He's obviously a super happy baby. And to be doing so good with rice cereal that early is awesome. Russell hated it. Count your blessings :)

bnmwhitney said...

Hooray for Porter!! Good for you mommy. You did it!!! He looks like he loves it too.

Shannon said...

What a big boy! I can't believe he's growing up so fast.b I love that last picture of him. He looks so happy and content.

Barb said...

Could he be any happier - okay we now know when it comes to food who he takes after ..... Grandpa!

He is looking so healthy and handsome - can't wait to get my hands on him.

I will have to go and buy a whole new wardrobe for him though - all those 6 months clothes look way too small!!

Lots of love to all and big hugs for Porter.


Betty Brett said...

What a happy little guy! I'm so glad that Craig got to feed him his first "spoon" food. Tell him that Nana new he would love it! He sure is a doll-baby, and I miss him so much. Love you all.


Kevin & Jessica said...

Logan had his first rice cereal off the spoon the other day too and absolutely loved it. He has had it in his bottles for a while now for his reflux. Porter looks like he is loving it!! How is everything going? Work is OK since it is only 20 hours weekly and putting Logan in daycare 1.5 days is going OK, they love him there. Porter is such a doll. Has he started to STTN? We started sleep training this week and are up to 7 hours in his crib with only 5 minutes of crying when putting him down. Jessica

Holly said...

I started Chayce a few weeks ago, but mostly he was too hungry to really want it. He wanted food now, and that resulted in screaming and mommy feeding. I am going to start again this week. Its so much fun huh? when are you going to start veggies and fruit?