Sunday, October 26, 2008

Look what we learned this morning!


I promise we do clothe him...he had just pooped in his jammies! He is getting SO big SO fast! We love you, noonie!


Barb said...

That is just awesome. He is so proud of himself. Can't believe he is getting so big already.

Give my Porter lots of hugs and kisses from his Granny.


Shannon said...

He's adorable and getting so big! Both girls love watching the videos. We all can't wait to see baby Porter again soon.

Love you all,

BettyBee said...

I so enjoy watching this over and over. Of course, we all know that he is a genious! He really is adorable, and I absolutely love to hear him laugh and giggle. It makes my day. Thanks so much for making this blog so much fun.

All my love,

Patti said...

So Cute! He is awesome!

Kendra said...

Yay!! That seems early, or maybe my kids were just late? Congrats mama!

suzygurl24 said...

Hello my big boy!!! I love your big, big smile before you roll! Too gorgeous!!!!! By the way, I'm your biggest fan!!!

The Steinhours said...

So fun! He's getting big - FAST! Enjoy it!

bnmwhitney said...

He is super sute with he fun rolls. I have to say that I am by far his biggest fan :) We could have a competition for that! He is so fun. Kisses to all.


Holly said...

I wish Chayce would do that! He was 5 months old yesterday and still won't. The big lazy baby!