Monday, October 6, 2008

I fixed the missing pictures!

Okay, we were having some difficulties with some of the pictures from our trip (posted below), so I have reposted them so you can actually see them!

This is my favorite little man in front of my favorite little store. The Christmas Tree Shops. I am so sad that we don't have one in Jacksonville, but my I can assure you that my bank account is happy about that. It is the greatest store ever.

This was at my cousin Jenny Ruth's wedding. It was SOO beautiful! Everything was perfect! Jennifer was the prettiest bride. I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately my hands were quite busy with the little man, and I absolutely can't believe it, but I left that night with not one picture of the wedding. So crazy. Here is Uncle Spencer making him smile before the wedding started!

He looooooves his Aunt Tori!

What a handsome little man in his wedding outfit!
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Holly said...

That is a cute outfit! where did you find it?

cterblanche said...

What a freakhog stud. I love that little man!

Patti said...

He is so adorable I can't even stand it!

bnmwhitney said...

Man, my hubby looks hot with a baby!! Where is the pic of him with the sky behind him. I NEED to see it. I miss the little man. My kids ask about him everyday. They sure love him.

Aunt Tori