Sunday, August 31, 2008

11 week pictures

More pictures...woo hoo!

Craig helped out by taking Porter in the wee hours of the morning so I could shower before work. I came downstairs to cute?!

I just wanna kiss those lips!!!
Checking out his fishies in the swing. Handsome boy!
This is the first pic I have of Christopher, Brooke, and Porter. Porter wasn't too happy, but two out of the three ain't bad.
This is what really goes on during the, really, they are gentle and they love him so much!


Kendra said...

Yay!!! I can't believe how big Brooke is (we all know Porter's big, I'm not ignoring that ;)

Thanks for finally posting a pic of the 3 of them.

And the picture with Porter and Craig is too sweet.

Barb said...

11 weeks old - that just does not seem possible. Love the two sleeping boys.

Barbie keep up the excellent blogging - I just love all the pictures.

Miss you all.