Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our new baby

Our new baby was born today...or should I say Craig's new baby. He has been wanting a new tv for SO long, so he saved his pennies and brought home this 42-inch beauty today. I haven't seem him this excited over something in a very long time, so congrats to him on a big accomplishment! Luckily, I get to enjoy his new toy as well...thanks, honey!

Here is a picture of the Craig and Cam basking in the joy of the huge tv right after they put it all together. I have to admit the olympics are pretty darn cool in high definition!


Betty Brett said...

Way to go, Craig! Congratulations! I know thi sis a day you've been dreaming of for a long time. And football season is right around the corner.....Go Vols and Noles!! Have a great day! Hi, Cam!

Mom Betty

Barb said...

Okay Craig, now you have done it - Mike and Shan are just going to have to get HDTV now!

Your new "baby" is great, but nothing compare to Mr. P. He is just too adorable and ever so cuddly - can't wait to squish him. Love those eyes of his.

Hope he feels better soon and that Mommy and Daddy have a good night.

Love and miss you all

Shannon said...

Thank you! We spent all day today researching a new tv. On the plus side, I found a great jacket at Sam's Club. Can't wait to see the new addition to the family.

Hope little Porter is feeling much better.

We love you!
Shannon et al.

Barb said...


Love you.


Holly said...

My hubby is a TV junkie, so I totally know what you mean. It does feel nice to have something decent though, doesn't it? We love ours.