Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Shots

Friday morning, Porter went to the doctor again for her to check his breathing (A-ok!) and to receive his first shots. I was REALLY dreading this... no one wants to see their little baby get jabbed with needles! He received the Pc and Hib vaccine, and will return in two weeks to receive two more, as we are spacing them out. (He does need to play catch up a little, though, because at his 8 week they were out of the shots, and then he got sick.) Well, it was pretty much just as horrifying as I predicted it would be. Craig had to hold him down (I'm SOOOO glad he came with me. I never could have done that!) and when they gave him the shots I stood behind Craig's back and cried. It was awful! I was already prepared to nurse him (covered of course!), and I scooped up that baby so fast and gave him his favorite thing in life to make us both feel better. I can't believe how many more times we will have to go through that. Ouch! He slept ALL day after that, and was good as new the next day.

He weighed 14 lbs. 10. oz... keeping us entertained with his crazy weight gain! He is just under the 90th percentile for weight.

Mommy and Porter prior to the torture.
We took him out to lunch afterward, and he was surprisingly happy before he passed out for the rest of the day. What a good little pudding pop.


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Poor baby.....Porter,too. JK!

14# 10 oz! What a chunk! You really are making pure cream for that little man!!!