Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sick baby

Unfortunately, Porter has come down with his first cold. He is pretty congested, and has even vomited a couple of times because of all the mucus in his tummy. We had a very rough and scary night on Thursday, then Friday morning I took him to the doctor and she checked him out. She even said his little throat was red and sore. Isn't that the saddest thing ever?! I feel so bad for the little guy. We are keeping him home this weekend and keeping the house quiet so he can get as much rest as possible, and also running the humidifier 24/7 and giving him saline nose drops, which does seem to help him breathe a little easier. My sister said there is nothing like the first time your baby gets sick, and she is SO right. I know it's not life-threatening, but I am so upset! He seems to be doing a smigde better today, but we hope tomorrow brings bigger changes.

On a good note, he is gaining weight like a little champ. His doctor is certain that I am making cream instead of milk. He weighed a whopping 13 lbs. 4.5 oz. on Friday morning. Here are some recent pictures of our little dumpling.
Funny story...Last Saturday, Craig got up and dressed and took my car in to be serviced (sweet guy). Porter and I got dressed and went to pick him up to run errands. It was in the middle of Target that we realized that all three of us were wearing solid chocolate brown shirts. We were pretty embarrased because it totally looked like we did it on purpose! Not so. Here's a pic of the matching boys.
Here's a shot of him in the chair with his puppy named Porter (it really's on the tag!) that his Aunt Shannon gave him. We take one of him on his month birthday so we can see how big he's getting!
Such a sweet face.
I'll have to think back to this picture when he does things that make me mad in the future. Maybe I should have it printed and keep it in my purse. The face of pure innocence.


Heather said...

You must be producing cream- he's a little turkey! How precious! I love the one of him w/ his puppy. I'm so sorry he's sick!! Congrats to Craig on the new TV- you & Porter will love it too!

Betty Brett said...

I love these pictures. XOXOXOX I can hardly believe how big he is getting!!! I'm glad he is a little better today. I'm praying for a lot better as the day goes on.


Kendra said...

That face is too precious! I missed you guys last week. I assume we won't see you tomorrow if Porter's not feeling better. Poor sweet baby.

I so wish I could have seen the 3 of you in your matching shirts! Hilarious!!!

Will said...

Wow - what a chunker!! Maybe it's time to ease up on the breast milk. Little fatty:) I miss you guys so much - hope Craig had an awesome birthdayOXOXOXOLove you - Krissy & Will