Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8 week appointment

Porter had his 8 week checkup yesterday, August 5th. He is getting to be such a big boy!!! I was totally shocked when they weighed him! He tipped the scales at 12 lbs. 7.5 oz... That's 3 lbs. in 4 weeks! He is a healthy little man, that's for sure. I was concerned that Porter might have reflux, as he has some symptoms of it, so when we discussed this with his doctor, she agreed that it did indeed sound like reflux. She advised us to have an Upper GI procedure done where they can see exactly where his food goes to see if he has any coming back up. We are going to have it done tomorrow morning at 10:15. The hardest part is that he has to be fasting, so he can't eat after 6 a.m. I am so worried about this! He is going to be starving! Hopefully he will fill up really well beforehand and be okay for the procedure. He has to drink a chalky substance and then they will take pictures to see where exactly the food goes. I have no idea how long it will take, but I hope it will be painless and quick so I can feed him and make him happy again!
I included this picture for comparison...He doesn't even look like the same baby! What a chub!
Here are some other pictures from yesterday. This was in the waiting room at the doctor. Look at those gorgeous baby blues that he gets from his Daddy.
Hanging out in the livingroom with Mommy and Daddy. I just thought he looked like a little stud in this picture!
Sleeping like a sweet angel in his favorite place - the swing (thank you, Erin!)


Barb said...

Hope all goes well with the Upper GI - will be thinking of you.


Betty Brett said...

I think that in the "stud" picture he looks like his Grandpa TerBlanche!

I'll be praying for you all this morning, as he goes for his upper GI. Such a little sweetheart. I hope all will be well.


bnmwhitney said...

I hope you both are doing ok this morning. I will call soon to check on you. Give him tons of kisses from Aunt Tori.

I agree that he looks like Roche (I hope I spelled that right). Super cute photos. I love the instant gratification of looking online to see him. I think that it has made it so much easier to feel like I "know" him by "watching" him grow. Thanks!!

Much love,


Will said...

Wow he looks like he has gotten so big - he has really changed a lot in the last month. can't wait to see him soon. Oh and you guys too:)
Love you - Krissy XOXOXOXOXOXOX