Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Season

As many of you know, I am quite the weather hound, and I adore me some severe weather. I would prefer not to have it right on top of my house, but I strangely invite the tropical storms and possibly the category 1 hurricanes to come on through! I know, I'm crazy. I was pretty darn excited about Tropical Storm Fay when she blew through here, and I obsess over the weather channel and watching the radar to see what is happening. We got lots of rain and wind here. I was SOOOO disappointed when our cable and internet went out preventing me from viewing my ever-so-beloved weather channel on tv or on the internet. That was the point that I started to go stir-crazy. I spent a lot of time on the back porch watching the rain and wind. High quality entertainment.

I was a meteorology major at FSU up until my senior year when I changed to Child Development...maybe that will explain some of the craziness here...did you know that about me?

Anyway...I have spent countless hours with the weather channel on watching for Gustav and Hanna out there. I am excited to see every update, but I do count my blessings that Gustav will steer clear of Jacksonville. I'm not that crazy! We hope that his impact won't be as terrible as they are predicting, and we are praying for those in his path.

Here is a picture of some tree-bendage going on out front from Fay.

During one of my many trips out to the back porch, it seems a little someone was looking for some refuge from the rain and wind. We were alerted of this little tree frog by our sweet kitty, Mila, who tried to jump up the wall over my head to get him.
Rescued from the ferocious Mila!

Wind and Rain from Tropical Storm Fay!


Kendra said...

I'm right there with you sister! I'm excited to maybe get some action from Hannah :)

If you lose power again, head our way, we've got the generator, which means TV and internet for all!

Holly said...

Oh I hope everything is ok down there. I heard that Gustav hit the coast this morning, so I have no idea where Jacksonville is in comparison to where the storm hit, but I hope you guys are safe.

Betty Brett said...

Oh, Yeah! I remember many times when you were a little girl when we would get up at any hour and go out to watch the weather :-) Now with Hanna, Ike and Josephine marching across the Atlantic, we need to pray that we don't see it too close! Love the video. That lake looks pretty high....hope you never get a flood in the house.

The Steinhours said...

So you wanted to be a weather man? Never knew that about you! I love hurricanes too! Seriously we have parties to celebrate.