Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome Auntie Shannon and family!

Craig's sister Shannon and her husband Mike and their 2 beautiful girls are in town visiting us! They are staying in Ormond Beach in a resort right on the ocean, and they were kind enough to get a 2 bedroom so we could come down and stay with them while they are here. We are having so much fun already, and we are especially loving seeing Alisa, Abby, and Porter together!

Meeting Auntie Shannon for the first time.

Reading a book with Auntie Shannon and cousin Abby.
Snoozing in the car on the way to Ormond Beach today, snuggling with my lovey from Granny.
OH MY GOSH! He has to be the cutest little bathing beauty... check out those matching sandals!
Getting ready to get in the pool for the first time!
Swimming with the family.
First dip! He loved it!
It got a little windy and chilly, so we opted for the indoor pool which was like bathwater. Much better!
Drying off. He was so happy! It was adorable!
Watching a little tv with Daddy.


Holly said...

That is so CUTE! I need to take my little one in the pool

Anonymous said...

Yo! So I'm a little disappointed that my first post didn't post...stupid ipod! Your son is so freaking cute. And those sandals definitely make the swimsuit. Good choice to get them! :) I'm excited to watch him tomorrow! I might just sneak him a little custard and tell him how much Aunt Suz loves him! Just kidding, about the custard thing, not the love! :) Love Love Love Love the Terblogs!

Betty Brett said...

He is such a cutie pie! Love the swim trunks and sandals, too! I just got my ticket to go to PA and Jenny's wedding, too, so Nana will be snuggling his chubby little cheeks very soon.


Barb said...

So sorry for the lack of comments lately - its been hectic running two homes if you get my drift!!

1. Shan could no look happier holding her nephew.

2. Seeing Abby and Porter together just melts a Granny's heart. Too cute.

3. If only Porter would always sleep like this! Glad he likes his "Lovey"

4. Like his Dad, he is styling. Just love the bathing suit and matching sandals. I have blown this picture up, it is my favorite.

5. My two buddies - so cute

6. Love the family in the pool, just need you in the picture Barbie.

7 & 8. Think we have another water baby in the family - hope he is not quite the dare devil his father was!

9. Love the adoring look Porter is giving his Daddy.

10. Could they be any cuter?

Love and miss you all.


Andrea and Zach said...

What a cute little munckin! I want to squeeze him!